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IT Services and Support

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for IT?

A Managed Service Provider for IT is a 3rd party that provides IT services for businesses. These services would include Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM); Network services including setup, monitoring, configuration, and security; data protection; disaster recovery; and a myriad of other services to ensure that a business's IT infrastructure is stable, safe and secure.

Businesses of all sizes and sectors are using MSP's to cut costs, improve productivity and peace of mind when it comes to their network.

RMM and MSP Services

Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) is part of an MSP service. RMM involves the installation of an agent by the RMM provider or MSP provider. The agent will allow the provider to monitor the health of your computer, server, or network and ensure all patches and security settings are up to date and secure. The provider will remotely access your computer to perform troubleshooting, install software, and other needed tasks. Here are some advantages of using a Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) service.

Advantages of RMM

  • Efficient and Proactive Monitoring

  • Removes time-consuming IT tasks that take you away from your business

  • Virus and Malware scans and protections

  • Ensures patches and OS/Software updates and "up to date"

  • Quicker repair times for non-network outage tasks and repairs

  • It is like having your own IT staff right there to fix problems quickly, perform updates and install software

  • Constant monitoring can help catch those "Gremlins" causing intermittent problems

  • Increased and improved security

  • Can help offer protection from RansomWare

RMM as part of an MSP

  • Your system runs smooth giving you confidence that your network and computers will work without failure.
  • RMM is only a part of an MSP service. Often, any work that is done for repairs are at an additional cost. Be sure to discuss and include any repairs as part of the service agreement.
  • Backup and restore services are usually not included as part of a baseline RMM service. Backups are crucial to data disaster and recovery and is part of an MSP service that can be purchased separately.

Data Security

Data Security and Disaster Recovery

Data Security and disaster recovery are a major part to Managed Services as it protects a business from disasters, intrusions, and lost information. There are many steps involved in data security and disaster recovery. 

  • Data Encryption - Data encryption will help prevent someone who manages to get unauthorized access to data from being able to read the data.
  • Data and Full System Backups - Backups are vital to any business to recover lost or damaged files. Having a full system backup or an image of your computer will quickly help recover files in the event of hard drive failure, systems damaged from fires or weather, and even from Ransomware attacks. Data backups allow you to do incremental backups of files that can be quickly recovered when needed and restore a system to the last backup state should a system need to be restored.
  • Malware and Intrusion Prevention - In today's world, an antivirus program may no longer be enough to keep your system fully protected. Hackers and malicious attackers are more sophisticated today, and you need solutions that will help keep them from running amuck on your computers, servers, and network.
  • Firewalls - When configured properly, firewalls will help in keeping unwanted intruders from accessing your network.
  • Firmware and System Updates - These are important as manufacturers continuously update their firmware, software, and operating systems to help close holes that attackers use as a backdoor into your system, or to fix problems that have been identified with the hardware or software.
  • User Credentials and Policies - Anyone that uses a computer or other network device should have their own individual login and the correct permissions to access files.
  • Cyber Security - All of the above is part of cyber security, including other features, such as VPNs, hiding networks, and ghosting, to name a few.
Advantages of MSP

Advantages of Managed IT Services

The key features of Managed IT Services include the following:

  • Expertise - A Managed Service Provider will bring IT experience and expertise suited to deal with and resolve problems that you are not able to resolve yourself. 
  • Today's Standards and Tomorrow's Technology - Managed Service Providers understand today's technology and keep up with new technologies and techniques to address and avoid future problems
  • Business Continuity - With a Service Level Agreement, a manages service provide can help your business recover from any disasters that may occur.
  • Cost Effectiveness - A fixed monthly cost could save you money rather than paying an hourly rate for repairs.
  • Increased security - With security software and awareness training, a Managed Service Provider will raise the level of protection and significantly decrease the possibility of a security breach.
  • Constant 24/7 monitoring - Can catch issues and fix them before you ever even know there was an issue and before the issue becomes a problem.
Cost of Managed IT Services

MSP Pricing Models

There are different pricing models when signing up with an MSP and they are structured to fix the needs of the business. Below are the pricing models used by Comdigiter.

  • Per Device Pricing - This is primarily for those interested in the RMM service and do not expect many service calls requiring site visits and remote repairs. There is a fixed price for each device that gets an agent installed and covers only those devices at discounted service rates.
  • All Inclusive Pricing - This is a set monthly cost that will include everything, and it will provide all the MSP services we offer, including remote repairs, on-site visits, monitoring, network support, and consultations. Generally does not include projects but can offer reduced costs for project work.
  • Tiered Pricing - Most of our customers choose this option, referring to this as MSP-Lite. You select only the portions of the MSP service you want, and we will generate a pricing model based on your selections.
  • Monitoring Only - This is a very low-cost service that will provide Remote Monitoring only, allowing us to monitor your systems and provide feedback, suggestions, and logs on the health of your devices.