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Remote Monitoring and Management

What is Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)?

RMM is the ability to monitor computers, networks, and other endpoints remotely for potential hardware, software, or OS failures. RMM can also be used to access those devices remotely to perform repairs, updates, configurations, and patches.

How does RMM work?

A tool, or app, is installed on the endpoint device that will run in the background monitoring the endpoint's health and gather other functional attributes. The tool will then report information back to a monitoring system, such as a help desk, that can quickly report any problems. Once reported, the issues can be quickly addressed before they become a larger issue.

Why use an RMM solution?

Below is a listing of the top 5 reasons why someone would use and RMM solution:

Detect Problems before they become costly

Memory errors, low disk space, network collisions, services not starting, unusual activity, hardware failures, network connectivity, and many other warning signs that are not normally known until they become serious problems. Monitoring the computer's health will help catch problems at the onset through configurations dictated by a threshold and once the threshold is reached a notifiction is sent.

The tool will also help detect possible malware and viruses on a computer, server, router, switch or other endpoint.

Keep systems tuned with updates, service packs, and definitions

OS updates are often missed or ignored. Many of those updates are needed for security reasons, fixing OS reported problems, or updates to drivers. Service packs for the OS or software are sometimes overlooked that will fix reported issues or improve functions or processes. 

Outside of software and OS updates, Anti-virus and Anti-malware applications require frequent updates to their definition files. RMM can detect outdated definition files and update the definitions.

Augment your current IT staff (if existing)

Small businesses may have no IT staff and medium sized businesses may have none to a small IT staff. RMM tools can help those without staff feel confident that their IT needs are being monitored and addressed thus allowing the business to focus on the business. Those with a small IT staff will be able to allow their staff to focus on projects and daily routines. The monitoring tool can provide early warnings to potential issues or threats thus minimizing downtimes and more expensive repairs later.

Remote Access

Your business will be able to outsource its IT services. When the tool detects a problem, concern, or threat, a technician can remotely access the computer or endpoint to exact repairs or address the concern. The remote access can be configured to only be allowed if the end user accepts a remote access request and everything that is done can be fully visible by the end user.

Help Desk

Many RMM services provide the option of having a help desk. The help desk will give a user the option to either call for support over the phone, open a support ticket via a messaging service, or open a ticket via email. Help desk services are usually at an additional cost and the cost will be determined by the level of service that is provided.

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